Breathing Exercises — Releasing Stress For Free

by Sean Preston on February 15, 2011

With your responsibilities involvingĀ  family, work, yourself, with your community, and everything else in between, your stress levels may eventually come to a head. But no matter how stressed you are, there’s good news — releasing your stress can just be a few minutes and a few breaths away. All you need is a fast and easy relaxation technique for anxiety to help you get calm.

Breathing is the most normal activity we do as humans — we actually do it automatically. It’s so common that we tend to do it for granted. But when we put a little attention to it — when we focus on the flow of air in and out of your body — then it suddenly becomes a mysterious, magical thing!

Did you know that most of the energy you expend throughout the day comes from the air you breathe? It’s true — only a minute amount of your energy comes from the food you eat. That’s how powerful and important your breathing is — don’t you think it’s time to appreciate it fully?

Breathing exercises won’t only energize you — they’ll also help you focus. Meditation, which is helped along by proper breathing exercises, calms your mind and trains it to disregard unnecessary thoughts, focusing only on what’s really important. That by itself is very relaxing and liberating!

So go ahead — inhale deeply through your nose. Fill your lungs. Expand your belly. Then slowly, exhale through your mouth. Push the air out in a controlled manner. Then inhale again. Focus on the breath and nothing else — and in just a few minutes, your stress will be greatly reduced — if not gone completely!

Remember, meditation is one of the best relaxation techniques for anxiety you can use.

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